Hermans-Walter Growers produce orange sweet peppers. The young plants are sewn in early December, so that the first peppers can be harvested in March. That harvesting continues through to November and takes place under optimal conditions.

Our production is all about:

  • Quality
    Through cross-breeding we are continuously seeking the perfect breed and the best growing conditions. Special attention is given to the quality of the product. This is how important objectives, such as; shelf-life, taste, shape, yield and disease resistance are maintained.
  • Sustainable
    In order to control sickness and diseases we employ natural preventions wherever possible. These ensure a biological balance in the greenhouse; so that the plants and fruit are remain unmolested.
  • Certification
    Hermans-Walter Growers are GlobalGAP certified (Good Agricultural Practice) and follow the HACCP hygiene codes. This is how we comply with the demands of food safety, sustainability and quality, as supermarket organisation expect.
  • Recycling water and plant nutrients
    Production takes place in a closed circuit system, so that water and nutrients can be applied as appropriately as possible. Rainwater is, for example, stored in a catchment reservoir where it is mixed with nutrients, and later used for watering. Excess from watering is stored in silos. This is re-circulated and mixed with fresh water. This is how we avoid wasting water and nutrients, and provide optimum uptake by the plants.
  • Efficient energy use
    Our business uses a cogenerations heater, a “WKK”. The system runs on gas. This delivers; heating, CO2 and electricity. We use the heating to deliver warmth to the greenhouses; the CO2 is scrubbed and used as a plant nutrient, for better growth. The electricity is fed back into the national grid. We supply 3,000 households with their electricity!

    Because the supplied heat, CO2 and electricity can be effectively optimised, WKK’s are very efficient energy producers: they have an efficiency value of 95%. In comparison: other energy producers have ‘no more than’ 40 to 45% efficiency.